Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is "Complete Appointment"

A:Once you perform services for the appointment, you should select "Complete Appointment", this will remove it from your calendar and it will automatically prompt you to create a history, and copy the appointment details to the new history.

Q: How do I edit Services

A: See this Knowledge Base Article - Click Here

Q: How do I delete all the services that I do not perform?

A: You cannot delete services, you can change their values "Is Active" to NO, and you will no longer see them when creating appointments or histories.

Q: I have a lot of data in MyChair, I don't want to loose it, how do I back it up?

A: Sync your device with iTunes often, the data is synced to your computer. If you get a new device, you will need to restore the data from iTunes by restoring a backup of you device to the new device. You can manually backup your Database by following these instructions

Q: How do I import a list of names from a file?

A: At this time this is not possible, we have some plans for the future but as of now nothing is certain. You can import contacts from your iPhones Address Book.

Q: Are you going to make an Mac App Store version?

A: At this time we do not plan to make a Mac only version, rather we plan to make a web based version that will sync with your devices( yes more than one device).

Q:Some histories & appointment show a black color when shown in the list view

A: If a history or appointment have more than one service selected, the color will default to black. They will show the correct color on the Schedule > Day View.

Q: How do I search for genders.

A: In the search above the contact select Gender then enter m for males and f for females.

Q: Are you going to add Credit Card Processing to the app?

A: No. There are several really good Apps that do this standalone ie Square. If we get enough request we may integrate with the existing credit card apps. If this is something you would like to see, send an email to and we will make sure its noted.

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